March 31, 2023

10th Class Date Sheet 2023 Rawalpindi Board

The Rawalpindi Board has released their 10th Class date sheet for the annual exams. The date sheet will now be available on the board’s official website for students to download. The date sheet is important for students as it helps them prepare for their exams and manage their time effectively. It is highly recommended that students begin their exam preparations right away. the 10th Class Date Sheet 2023 Rawalpindi Board

10th Class SSC Exam For Date Sheet (Science Group)

03-04-2023MondayEnglish (Comp) (1st Group)llEnglish (Comp) (2nd Group)ll
05-04-2023WednesdayMathematics Science Group
(1st Group)
llMathematics Science Group
(2nd Group)
06-04-2023ThursdayIslamiyat (Comp) (1st Group)llIslamiyat (Comp) (2nd Group)ll
08-04-2023SaturdayPhysics (1st Group)llPhysics (2nd Group)ll
10-04-2023MondayChemistry (1st Group)llChemistry (2nd Group)ll
13-04-2023ThursdayBiology (1st Group)
Computer Science (1st Group)
Biology (2nd Group)
Computer Science (2nd Group)
15-04-2023SaturdayUrdu (Comp) (1st Group)ll Urdu (Comp) (2nd Group)ll
17-04-2023MondayPakistan Studies (Comp)
(1st Group)
llPakistan Studies (Comp)
(2nd Group)

10th Class Annual Exams Date Sheet 2023 (Arts Group)

1-04-2023SaturdayArabic/ N.E.WllCivics/ N.E.Wll
04-04-2023TuesdayEconomics / N.E.WllN.E.Wll
05-04-2023WednesdayGeneral Mathematics Arts Group
(1st Group)
llGeneral Mathematics Arts Group
(2nd Group)
06-04-2023ThursdayEthics (For Non-Muslim)llEthics (For Non-Muslim)ll
07-04-2023FridayPunjabi (1st Group) N.E.WllPunjabi (2nd Group) N.E.Wll
08-04-2023SaturdayAdvanced Islamic Studies Elective
(1st Group) N.E.W
llAdvanced Islamic Studies Elective
(2nd Group) / N.E.W
10-04-2023MondayGeneral Science (1st Group)llGeneral Science (2nd Group)ll
11-04-2023Tuesday Persian / N.E.W llN.E.Wll
12-04-2023WednesdayEducation / N.E.WllHistory of Pakistan / N.E.Wll
14-04-2023FridayElements of Home Economics
llElements of Home Economics
15-04-2023SaturdayN.E.WllGeography of Pakistan
( in lieu of Urdu )

Timing for Theory Papers:

Morning Session Start from 08:30 A.M.

Evening Session Start from 01:30 P.M

Evening Session for Friday Start from 2:30 P.M

Practical Examination will start w.e.f 12-05-203

Timing For Practical Papers:

First Batch:            08:30  A.M

Second Batch:        11:30  A.M

Third Batch:           02:30   P.M

Exam Policy For 10th Class Rawalpindi Board

Here are some of the exam policies for the 10th class exams in the Rawalpindi Board. All students must take the exams in order to be promoted to the next Grade. All Students must pass the exams in order to be promoted. Should an individual’s exam not result in a passing grade, a retake is necessary.
Furthermore, any form of academic deceit will not be accepted and result in instant expulsion from the school.

Registration Schedule For 10th Class Rawalpindi Board

According to the new update registration for the 10th class at the Rawalpindi Board will start on 20, 2022 December, and continue until 14 February. Before registering, students must ensure that they
meet the eligibility criteria set by the board. Generally, students who have passed the 9th class exams from a recognized board are eligible to appear in the 10th class exams.

Subjects OF 10th Class Rawalpindi Board

The following is a list of subjects that are included in the 10th class curriculum of Rawalpindi Board:
Pak Studies (Compulsory)
Computer Science (Elective)
Those wishing to advance their studies into the 11th and 12th classes must possess an extensive understanding of essential topics. It is essential for learners to have a Considerate of Urdu, given that it is the primary language used for instruction in Pakistani educational institutions.
It is also important for students to prepare for each subject thoroughly to perform well in the exams and achieve good grades.

Total Mark OF 10th Class Rawalpindi Board

The total marks for the 10th class exams in Rawalpindi Board are 1100. These marks are distributed among the various subjects
In addition to the marks obtained in the written exams, students are also awarded marks for their practical exams in science subjects. The practical exams are usually held after the written exams and carry a weightage of 25% of the total marks for the subject.
It is important for students to score well in each subject to achieve a good overall grade in the 10th-class exams.

Introduction OF Rawalpindi Board

Rawalpindi Board is one of the largest educational boards in Pakistan, established in 1977, that is responsible for conducting intermediate and secondary level examinations in Rawalpindi and neighboring districts. The board aims to promote and improve the education system by providing a fair and transparent examination system for students.
The Rawalpindi Board presides over examinations for 9th and 10th graders, as well as intermediate levels, across the Rawalpindi, Attock, Chakwal, and Jhelum districts.


Rawalpindi Board is a vital educational board in Pakistan that is responsible for conducting secondary and intermediate-level exams in Rawalpindi and other districts.
The Rawalpindi Board pledges to plan syllabuses for exams, administer them, and then proclaim the results promptly. They are determined to guarantee that the exams are transparent and honest, with questions designed to measure the students’ expertise, insight, and talents in several subjects.

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